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Easter baskets without the sugar rush

As soon as you feel like you have a hang of this healthy lifestyle thing another holiday pops up that bombards us (and our children) with sugar, preservatives, and dyes...oh my! Sugar is highly addictive, especially for children, so I like to minimize it as much as humanly possible. I'm giving you a sneak peek at how I shop for Easter Baskets and holidays in general while minimizing the sugar intake. I realized today that Easter is quickly approaching so I finally went out to purchase some items for my daughters' baskets (5 years old and 15 months old). Instead of heading straight for the candy aisle I think outside the (candy) box on this one. Here are some basket ideas that will make everyone happier:


I start off first and decide if there is anything that they need in general. Good items in this category include items such as clothes, shoes, pajamas, etc. I found Cat&Jack spring t-shirts at Target for $4.50

each! They currently have so many empowering sayings and graphic tees that I love. I scored this one for my 5 year old since she is over the moon about anything science! Still in this category is pajamas, which both girls are in need of since all current pajamas are fleece (fingers crossed for spring, can you tell?) or too small. Carter's is currently having a great sale on pajamas and clearance so I plan to stock up on a few clothing items this week as well. Also check out your local dollar store for smaller items like:

  • Headbands or hair accessories

  • Toothbrushes

  • Socks

I also splurged in this category a bit on some environmentally friendly school lunch containers and non-plastic children utensils from Amazon. While this technically was not an 'immediate' need I have been feeling increasingly compelled to minimize our plastic use and exposure and this seemed like a good area to start.


Think about creative activities that your kid(s) enjoy and stock up on items that they may be low on. We love drawing and creating crafts especially during the cold raining days of spring. So stocking up on essentials is always a win-win in our house.

  • Craft supplies: construction paper, crayons, markers, glitter glue, maybe some googly eyes

  • Pick up a plant your own flower or herb kit or create your own easily

  • Paint your own bird house (craft stores)

  • Stickers

  • New Books

  • Michael's craft store currently has Giant color your own doll house and rocket ships for under $20!


While I try to mostly fill the basket with clothes, creative items, and activities it doesn't truly feel like Easter unless there's a few treats, am I right? I have some hard no's and will not buy most brands of lollipops, chocolates, and other artificial treats because of the ingredients. I will still get some sweet treats but only from the brands that I love and trust the most. Here is what I will be adding to the basket for my 5 year old:

  • Enjoy Life Chocolate Bars

  • LaraBars

  • Annie's HomeGrown gummies

  • Freeze Dried fruit

  • MammaChia Chia squeeze pouches

  • Individual bags of Jackson's Honest sweet potato chips

My 1-year old daughter does not get anything with added sugar so her basket will be filled mostly with other items. However, she does love all food so I will add in some fruit, avocados and maybe a few packs of her favorite vegan cheese! I hope you found some useful tips for minimizing sugar during holidays. I would love to know what tips and tricks you use as well, so leave a comment below! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Wishing you health and Happiness


#inwcenter #easter #easterbasket #giftideas #kids *I am not an affiliate with any brands mentioned and do not receive compensation for recommending these brands.


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