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About Gina

My Story


Becoming a registered dietitian was a huge career change for me.  I graduated with a marketing degree and started my career at one of the largest greeting card companies in the world.  I was young and generally healthy so I didn't pay very close attention to what I ate and I rarely cooked.

However,  all of that changed during the pregnancy of my first daughter when I started experiencing some mild complications.  About four months after her birth I was diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases. Along with that diagnosis came new food allergies, intolerances, and a huge lifestyle change. When conventional methods didn't work, I started to heal with food.  I quickly discovered that nearly everything on the market had additives, chemicals, pesticides, dyes, artificial flavorings, and a host of ingredients that I can’t even pronounce (butylated hydrozyttoluene, anyone?). I overhauled my diet and lifestyle which contributed to putting these autoimmune diseases into remission.

I then started on a new path to help other people that may be going through a similar experience.  I wanted to learn the science behind how food heals and how to use food instead of medicine (when possible) to regain health.  In doing so I completed my Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University as well as a one of the most prestigious dietetic internships at Cleveland Clinic. 


I have found my passion in practicing Functional Medicine Nutrition and I would love to help you reach your optimal health goals!

Thank you,

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