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Functional Nutrition Consultations

The dietitian will review your pertinent history, labs, and discuss current nutrition goals.  
During these sessions you will receive personalized nutrition recommendations, feedback, and resources to be successful.


Cooking Lesson

 I will show you how to create simple, nutrient dense, quick meals that will not leave you feeling deprived.  Lessons are custom to your food preferences and nutrition plan.


Grocery Tour

Do you go into a store ready to make changes to your diet but then get sucked into the rabbit hole of reading every label and leave more confused then before? If so, you can bring me to the store with you!  We will shop together so you can learn what to look for on a food label and how to make healthy, sustainable choices.

Therapy Session

Group Session

Group sessions are a great way of learning from peers and others that may be experiencing similar health dilemmas as you.  Group sessions are 60 minute classes with up to 10 people.  These sessions will focus on a specific nutrition topic that will be discussed at length.  All questions and open discussions are welcomed and encouraged during this time. 



As the owner of a small food company myself, I understand how important it is to get your product in front of people that care.  I will help share the great qualities of products that I love and believe in. 



As a healthcare professional, I often provide written expertise related to nutrition and wellness topics.  

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