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PERSONALIZED functional dietitian work


A 12-week program designed to help women heal their gut, resolve digestive issues, and start feeling amazing in their bodies. Let your journey to wellness begin with your gut leading the way.


The basis of our work is building a solid foundation for our gut-hormone-thyroid (Triad) connection as well as supporting those systems with nutrition. Coupled with the RIGHT testing & root cause discovery we will have an understanding of how YOUR body is working and create a functional, integrative, and personalized plan to have you finally feeling and being healthy and well. I call this the SRT framework.If you’ve seen multiple health care providers seeking a solution to your symptoms. And they keep telling you “everything looks normal”, yet you feel anything BUT:


  • You’re exhausted, cranky, and unmotivated

  • You’re gassy, bloated, and have skin issues

  • You’re experiencing food sensitivities or hair loss.

  • eating makes you feel worse and losing weight is hard

You are in the right place. I have personally dealt with and overcome all of these issues and have helped thousands of others do the same.

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